A Message from our President

Dear Friends, 

Vast changes are occurring in healthcare delivery and financial reforms. Each day we marvel at the complex changes taking hold across the healthcare industry while finding new ways to deliver a special brand of excellent care that allows patients and community to know they can trust our expertise, and that we will serve them as we would our own family.

No matter how challenging some parts of reform may be for all hospitals and clinical professionals, the NYHQ team is energized and has both a strong vision and an effective strategic approach to handle the business end of healthcare. We continuously achieve a positive operating margin and we continuously seek cost efficiencies to raise the bar and deliver more quality without spending more dollars.

Each NYHQ patient can trust that our focus is on him or her and on making them feel better, and get better. That is our real bottom line.

Along those lines, we invite you to review a selection of highlights that show how NYHQ continues to deliver excellent results to our patients and our community – right here.

• We are especially pleased to report that positive results from our quality and safety efforts continue to grow. The outcome of our latest accreditation survey by the Joint Commission was excellent.

• Creating more access to primary care and specialized services is critical to what we deliver right now, and where we are headed. Our community-based practices, including a new facility in Whitestone Village, are growing quickly; we expect to open a facility in Astoria later in 2013. More than 180 surgeons, physicians, podiatrists, dentists and physician assistants joined the NYHQ medical staff in the past year; and many of our employed physicians joined our new faculty practice.

• Our stake in the health of this community is furthered when we attract clinical talent in nursing, physicians and surgery who want to give our community the best. You can read about new clinical leaders in this report – they practice in the areas of complex medical need for this community, including primary care, heart and vascular, digestive diseases and liver, surgery, cancer and bone and joint services. Our commitments to our community remain paramount in areas such as emergency medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and other service areas.

• Sophisticated programs to increase quality and satisfy patients and referring physicians are gaining traction. This includes the Hospital Medicine Service, which now boasts 14 “hospitalists” to support community physicians and their hospitalized patients. Additionally, we have excellent results in programs designed to help patients move quickly through, or avoid, hospitalization.Examples include:

• The NYHQ Center for Wound Healing at Silvercrest which just shy of the first year of operation is now a go-to to achieve clinical results with hyperbaric oxygen treatment regimens.

• The new urgent care center is thriving and has lessened the pressure on the Emergency Department.

• In the first year of operation, our Outpatient Antibiotic Therapy expanded to handle higher than expected demand as patients and physicians adopt this service as a way to shorten hospital stays.

And, while we have many more clinical results to share, we are very pleased to report that the long-term initiative to improve each patient’s experience is showing results as well.

There’s a statistic we talk about a lot here – that each inpatient encounters at least 50 members of our team if they have an overnight stay. This is our call to action that each person who becomes our patient, at any location any time – must feel that they received the best care and medical results possible, and that they had an experience that helped them get and feel better. And the better we do that, the better we perform for our community and other stakeholders

Thank you for your continued support of New York Hospital Queens – when you need us please be assured that you will get our very best.



Stephen S. Mills, F.A.C.H.E    
President and Chief Executive Officer  

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