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 Members of the Bariatric Surgery Team at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens 

Stephen Merola,MD,FACS
Chief, Section of Minimally
Invasive and Bariatric Surgery  

Joel Ricci-Gorbea, MD, FACS
Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgery

In the United States, 30 percent of adults or about 60 million people, are clinically obese, weighing 30 pounds or more over their ideal (Body Mass Index or BMI > 30kg/m2).  Obesity has become a major health problem in the United States especially in New York City.  Ten percent of all healthcare expenditures in this country are now spent on managing or treating obesity and its many complications. In the borough of Queens, 20-30 percent of residents are clinically obese.

Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery) is offered to individuals who have been unable to lose weight through diet and who are at least 75 to 100 pounds over their ideal body weight. Long-term studies have shown that bariatric surgery for these individuals result  in significant weight loss. In addition, it can bring about dramatic improvement and sometimes resolution in patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension and a number of other obesity related complications. Studies have shown that patients who undergo weight loss surgery  live longer  (because of weight loss and improvement in obesity related medical problems) than when compared to a group of individuals who do not have the surgery and remain obese.

An experienced team provides bariatric care (or obesity surgery) to patients at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens. Drs. Stephen Merola and Joel Ricci-Gorbea perform these procedures using minimally invasive techniques. The surgeons are also aided by a bariatric coordinator who helps patients navigate their way various testing that is required before surgery as well as their weight loss progress postoperatively. 

What Services Are Offered? 

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy also known as a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve procedure, is a type of obesity surgery in which a portion of the stomach is removed to create a smaller stomach with less capacity for food. The new smaller stomach is roughly the size and shape of a banana and it limits food intake. In the last few years, it has become the most popular option for patients. 
  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass involves creating a small egg sized stomach and then bypassing about 1/3 of the small intestines to decrease absorption of calories and fat. Although, a more drastic operation than a sleeve gastrectomy, it may be a good choice for patients with severe GERD or insulin dependent diabetes.  


How Do I Get an Appointment?
Individuals interested in learning more about weight loss surgery at NYP Queens are asked to attend a very informative orientation seminarTo find out the dates and times of upcoming call (718) 445-0220Language interpretation is readily available.


How do I find a Bariatric Surgery Support Group meeting?

For more information and registration call 718-445-0220

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