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CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)


Adults and Children Over 8 Years of Age    |   (Click here for CPR for Infants and Small Children)

If only one rescuer is available, call 911 or seek medical aid and then start CPR. If two rescuers are available, one should call 911 or seek medical aid while the other starts CPR. Then the two rescuers should relieve each other as they become tired.

  • Send someone to call 911 or an ambulance.
  • Carefully position victim on his/her back.
  • Gently tilt the victim's head back by gently pressing the forehead and lifting the jaw in order to open the airway (A). Keep the victim's mouth open.
  • Maintain open airway and check breathing for 5 seconds as described in "Checking Breathing." If victim is breathing, maintain the airway and check for other injuries.
  • If not breathing, pinch the victim's nose shut, place your mouth over the victim's open mouth (B) and give two, slow breaths. If there s no rise in the chest, check for choking as described in Choking.
  • Check pulse for 5-10 seconds as described in "Checking Pulse." If pulse is present, go to Rescue Breathing for Adults or to Rescue Breathing for Infants and Small Children.
  • If no pulse, begin chest compressions by kneeling and facing one side of the victim (A).
  • Place the heel of your hand on the lower part of the victim's chest 1/2" above the notch of the rib cage (B).
  • Place your other hand on top of the first, lift your fingers up so just the heel of your hands are doing the work, lean over the victim and push straight down, keeping your elbows locked so that the victim's chest depresses 1 1/2 - 2 inches.
  • Push down smoothly, keeping hand contact with chest at all times
  • Compress at rate of 80-100 per minute (15 compressions should take 9-11 seconds)
  • Give 2 slow, full rescue breaths every 15 compressions.
  • After one minute, stop and check the pulse for 5 seconds
  • Continue CPR or rescue breathing until help arrives.

Perform only on an unconscious victim who has no pulse and is not breathing.

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