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About the Director and Staff

The Cardiac Health Center is the health education and rehabilitation facility of NewYork-Presbyterian Queens.

Cardiac rehabilitation is an important recovery step for people with coronary heart disease, angina, those recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery, stent placement, or other heart conditions.

Cardiac rehabilitation begins after discharge from the hospital. The outpatient program is recommended by the patient’s cardiologist as a crucial step in their recovery plan and includes a combination of education and exercise to help them return to a healthy, active lifestyle and reduce the potential of future heart problems.

A physician supervised, telemetry monitored exercise program is at the Cardiac Health Center’s core. Other risk reduction programs provide patients with a comprehensive approach to improving their cardiovascular health.

We are open six days a week and staffed by a specialized team of dedicated health care professionals. All programs are offered under the supervision of the medical director and cardiologists and include physicians, cardiac nurses, exercise physiologists, and other healthcare personnel.

Every patient makes a commitment to begin change for a healthy future. By working with our patients and their physicians, we develop individualized programs to help our patients realize their personal goals!


Outpatient Rehabilitation Program and Requirements

The requirements for participation include:

  • obtaining your physician’s permission
  • medical history and physical exam
  • exercise tolerance test
  • lipid profile
  • 12 lead EKG

Every participant receives an exercise prescription based on tests to determine their exercise capacity which is adjusted as their capabilities increase. The outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program includes the following key components.


Physical Training to Optimize Cardiac Fitness

  • The program includes warm up, stretching, and cool down exercises.
  • Workouts are performed using a treadmill, exercise bicycle, upper body ergometer, stair stepper, and free weights.
  • The EKG-monitored physical fitness program is scheduled three times a week for one hour. The program lasts up to 12 weeks during convenient morning, afternoon, and evening hours.
  • Our center’s primary focus is on safety.
    - All participants are monitored at all times by sophisticated telemetry devices while under the supervision of life support trained staff.
    - A physician is always on site during program hours.
    - Blood pressure, heart rate, and portable electrocardiogram readings are taken at the beginning, during, and end of each session.
    -vWeight measurements are done weekly.


Special Education to Improve Heart Health Management

  • Special education to improve healthy heart management and reduce known cardiac risk factors is provided in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Psychological Support to Encourage Continued Progress

  • Group education is offered once a week.
  • Education topics are focused on cardiac risk factors including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle and smoking cessation.
  • Nutrition, stress management and how to modify behaviors to reduce the risk of future heart disease is also included.


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