Physician Staff

Support Staff

  • Donna Cheslik, R.N., Administrative Director 
  • Geri Donlin, R.N., Assist. Clinical Program Coordinator 
  • Florita Bacani, R.N., Assist. Clinical Program Coordinator 
  • Elizabeth Palumbo, R.N., Nurse
  • Barbara Pistone, M.S., R.D., Chief Clinical Dietitian 
  • Antonia Pinckey, M.S., R.D., Clinical Dietitian 
  • Nancy Rullo, M.A., Exercise Physiologist 
  • Maria Miccio, M.A., Exercise Physiologist 
  • Kiseok Lee, M.A., Exercise Physiologist 
  • Kathleen Ryan, Registrar
  • Barbara Taylor, Office Manager

Cardiac Health Center StaffThe staff of the Cardiac Health Center brings an enthusiasm to their work that is quickly apparent upon entering the facility. Each patient receives individual attention and encouragement, and is guided through a program of rehabilitation and lifestyle change specifically tailored to his/her needs.

Patients are energized by the motivation of the staff, all of whom understand that rehabilitation, physical fitness and adherence to a heart-conscious diet are as important to positive outcomes as are timely interventional and surgical cardiac care. 

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