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Choking (A)

Choking (C)

Click here for Choking (for Infants).

  • If the victim can speak or cough forcefully and is getting sufficient air, do not interfere with attempts to cough obstruction out of the airway.
  • If the victim cannot speak or is not getting sufficient air, have someone call 911 while you perform abdominal thrusts as follows:
  • Stand behind the victim and wrap your arms around the waist (A)
  • Make a fist with one of your hands and place it just above the victim's navel and below the ribs with the thumb and forefinger side toward you
  • Grab this fist with the other hand and pull it quickly back and slightly upward
  • Repeat until the victim breathes or becomes unconscious

If the Victim Becomes Unconscious

  • Lay the victim on his or her back
  • Check for object in the mouth. Try to sweep obstruction out of the victim's throat (C). If the victim is a child, sweep only if you can see it.
  • Even if you are unsuccessful, tip the head back and attempt rescue breathing.
  • If rescue breathing is not working due to obstruction, sit straddling the victim's thighs and give up to 5 abdominal thrusts (pushing into the victim with the heel of the hand just above the belly button).
  • Repeat sequence as needed.


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