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Choking (Infants)

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Choking (A)
Choking (B)
Infants (up to 12 months)
  • If an infant is coughing and is getting sufficient air, DO NOT interfere with his attempts
  • If infant cannot cough or cry, have someone call 911 while you do the following:
  • Lay the infant face down on your forearm. Rest on your thigh for support (A)
    • Use the heel of your free hand to hit the infant's back 5 times sharply between the shoulder blades
    • Turn the infant over on your forearm keeping the head down. Place 2 fingers between nipples 1/2 inch below the nipple line and give 5 quick thrusts to the infant's chest (B)
    • Repeat until infant cries, breathes or becomes unconscious


If the Infant Becomes Unconscious

  • Tip the head back and attempt rescue breathing.
  • If you cannot get air into the lungs, open the mouth and look for an obstruction. If you see one, carefully use your forefinger (or little finger) to sweep the obstruction out of the infant's throat.
  • Tip the head back and attempt rescue breathing again.
  • If this is unsuccessful, repeat back blows and thrusts as above.
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