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Blood Collection

Blue Top Tube

Contains .5 mL. citrate solution. Designed to accept 4.5mL. blood. Invert several times after filling to prevent coagulation. Allow tube to completely fill by vacuum. Required for coagulation studies.

Brown top tube

Contains sodium heparin. Required for lead determinations. Gently invert several times to prevent clotting.

Gray Top Tube

Contains sodium fluoride as preservative and oxalate as anticoagulant. Gently invert several times to prevent clotting. Required for glucose studies.

Green Top Tube

Contains sodium heparin. Gently invert several times to prevent clotting. Required for ammonia, genetic testing, and leukemia panels.

Lavender Top Tube

3 mL. volume. Contains EDTA as anticoagulant. Invert several times after filling to facilitate mixing and prevent coagulation. Allow tube to fill completely by vacuum.

Red Top Tube

5 or 10mL tubes. Contains no anticoagulant or preservative. Use for serum yield. Allow to stand for 30 minutes prior to centrifugation.

Red/Yellow Top Tube

Contains EDTA (7.2mg) and ascorbic acid (35mg). Invert several times after filling. USE ONLY FOR BLOOD SEROTONIN ASSAY.

Royal Blue Top Tube

Used for trace element studies. Available with heparin (order Kit-493) or without anticoagulant (order Kit-492). Gently invert several times to prevent clotting.

Serum Separator Tube (SST)

Contains special gel to enhance serum yield. Instructions for the use of serum separator tubes (SST)

  1. Perform venipuncture and fill the tube
  2. Invert tube gently five times
  3. Do not remove stopper
  4. Allow specimen to clot for a minimum of thirty minutes
  5. After thirty minutes clotting time, centrifuge tube for a minimum of fifteen minutes at 3000 RPM. Do not remove stopper
  6. Centrifugation must be performed within sixty minutes of blood collection
  7. Submit centrifuged sample to the laboratory

NOTE: For tests requiring frozen serum, transfer serum to separate plastic serum vial. Do not freeze the SST tube. Do not use serum separator tubes for therapeutic drug monitoring or toxicological analyses.

Yellow Top Tube (ACD Solution A) Immunophenotyping (for CD4 & CD8)

Yellow Top Tube (ACD Solution B) (For Tay Sachs only)

Contains Acid Citrate Dextrose (ACD Solution B) as anticoagulant. Invert several times after filling to facilitate mixing and prevent coagulation.

Microbiology/Viral Media

Vira-Pap Transport Medium (For HPV)

A swab in transport medium containing 0.05% sodium azide.

Viral/Chlamydia Isolation Transport Medium

M4 containing buffered sucrose solution for virus isolation. Store at 4† C.

Viral Transport Medium (Bartels ViraTransô ) For HSV

Tube with orange cap containing pink colored media and mixing beads. Sterile swab included.

Microbiology Containers

Anaerobic Transport Medium

Using aseptic technique, obtain specimen with a swab. Carefully insert swab into anaerobic transport medium. Fluids should be placed into a sterile container. Do not refrigerate.

Multi-Microbe Medium (M4)

Red cap for Chlamydia /GC PCR (2-8† C)

Blood Culture Set

Use two BactecÆ bottles for each culture: Blue cap standard 10 aerobe and yellow cap standard anaerobic/F. For small volume pediatric samples, use Dupont 1.5 mL. microbial tube. Mix by gentle inversion.


Contains sterile swab in transport medium. Used for aerobic bacterial cultures. After collecting specimen, push swab down into transport medium and submit to lab.

Mycoplasma pneumonias Transport Medium

Specifically used for isolation for M. pneumoniae.

Neissera gonorrhoeae (NG) Transport System

Used for isolation of N. gonorrhea.

Sputum Container, TB

Plastic container with screw top

Stool Container, Ova and Parasite (pink)

Contains 10% formalin as fixative.

Stool Container, Amoeba only (blue)

Contains LV-PVA as fixative.

Stool Culture Transport Container (yellow)

Contains Carey and Blair medium. Inoculate with small sample of stool specimen.

Urine Culture Tube

Sterile container with screw cap

Urine and Stool Containers

Routine Urinalysis

Plastic container with yellow or white cap.

24 Hr. Urine Container

Two-liter opaque plastic container with handle.

24 Hr. Urine Container with Preservative

  1. Boric Acid
  2. HCL

50mL. Aliquot

Plastic container with cap.

Stool Container, Routine and Ova-Parasite

Plastic container with screw cap.

Stool, Fecal Fat

Paint can type container for the collection and transport of specimens.

Cytology Collection Items

Collection Bottles

  1. Smears 95% alcohol solution for gynecologic slides, fine-needle aspirates, buccal and other smears.
  2. Fluid: 50% alcohol solution for urine specimens, spinal fluids, effusions and washings.
  3. Sputum: 50% alcohol solution for sputum specimens.

Slide, Glass

Rectangular glass slide with frosted end.

Slide Holders

Plastic holders for safe transportation of glass slides.

Cervical Brush

Used to collect materials for cytology smears, to include the endocervical component.

Spray Fixative

Contains fixative for cytology smears.

Tissue Pathology

Specimen Bottle, Routine

Large bottle containing 10% buffered formalin.

Specimen bottle, Dermatopathology

Small bottle containing 10% buffered formalin.

Specimen Bottle, Bone Marrow Biopsy

Small bottle containing Bouinís solution.


23 G 1 _î Multi draw

21 G 1 _î Multi draw

20 G 1 _î Multi draw

Vacutainer barrel holders


Glucola (For use in glucose tolerance testing) Orange flavor only.

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