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In today's clinical laboratory environment, laboratories are looking to connect to their clients and comply with government regulations. NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories has developed a suite of products to face these challenges. Physicians are expecting the latest, most efficient technologies available. Using the latest in Web technologies, NYP/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories can help fulfill your needs.

You can do on-line ordering and get results electronically for laboratory, anatomic pathology, microbiology and the blood bank. NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories has the premier on-line ordering solution for independent laboratories and is fully integrated with the NYP/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories.

Web-Based Results and Ordering

  • Saves Time No more looking for lost reports or misplaced reports. Physician’s offices use NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories system to quickly look up reports for viewing or printing.
  • Multi-System Displays Laboratory, Microbiology, Pathology, and Blood Bank
  • No-Hassle No need for extra hardware in the office; simply use your existing computer and Internet connection
  • Limits Risks Test ordering functions check for medical necessity and help eliminate risk of noncompliance
  • Cost Savings Put an end to inefficient chart pulls and reduce phone calls to and from the lab concerning incomplete requisition forms
  • Secure NYP/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories uses the latest in Internet security technology; including firewalls, password protection schemes and the same 128 bit encryption dictated by HIPAA.
  • Proven Our 150+ physicians offices utilize and trust NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories and the services they provide.
  • Useful Cumulative reports can be easily created and displayed in graphical or spreadsheet formats. Longitudinal studies can be viewed for multiple analyzes, and then stored as templates for later use.

NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories EMR

Easily connects results to physicians' current electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

NYP/Queens Diagnostic Services allows clinicians to review results and place orders. Order entry and result reporting with NYP/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories.EMR is designed to work with our clinician’s office workflow, enabling greater efficiency and helping to ensure client satisfaction.

NYP/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories.EMR can be implemented as an independent module, a pass-through engine to any third party order entry system, or as part of the complete NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories solution.

Technical Details

NYP/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories.EMR transforms HL7 results from the LIS, Anatomic Pathology system to the HL7 format required by the target EMR. As part of the translation, NYP/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories.EMR cross-maps the test catalog to the EMR’s onboard catalog, and matches patients using configurable patient matching algorithms ensuring that results are properly matched with the patent in the target system. The system also can be configured to support partial and final results delivery based on the business rules of the target EMR.

NYP/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories.EMR supports orders originating in the EMR; including cross-mapping of EMR and lab accession ID’s. The system can be configured to support medical necessity validation, if it is not supported by the EMR. NYP/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories.EMR can communicate with EMR’s that do not support the receipt of unsolicited results.

NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories.PMS

The robust answer to connect to practice management systems. NYP/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories.PMS receives the request for the updated information, connects to the physician’s PMS/EMR system, and auto fills the test requisition form. Patient demographics, patient guarantor, patient insurance and insurance address information is automatically updated.

The process ensures that the information present in the PMS is the identical information employed for creating laboratory requisitions.

NY Hospital PMS

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