Clinical Curriculum

All Emergency Department resident shifts are 12 hours. There are three types of shifts: DAY (7:30am to 7:30pm), NIGHT (7:30pm to 7:30am), and SWING (noon to midnight). First year residents are scheduled for 17 twelve-hour shifts in every 28-day emergency medicine block, with a reduction of one shift each successive year of the residency. Conference time (9am to 2pm) is protected in that residents are excused from clinical duties to attend conference each week. All rotations are on-site at NYHQ except for Toxicology and Trauma (see footnotes). 


This serves as the intern year for the program. The focus is on obtaining a broad knowledge base an procedural skills necessary for Emergency Medicine. During clinical shifts residents work either on a team with a senior PGY-3 resident plus and Attending or directly with an Attending. Additionally there is an emphasis on achieving proficiency at common EM procedures such as intubations, central lines, and bedside ultrasound.

Rotation  Number of 4-week Blocks 
 Emergency Medicine*
 Pediatric Emergency Medicine
 Medical ICU


Residents are expected to work more independently within the ED. During clinical shifts they work alongside an Attending where they are responsible for an entire section of the ED or in the “resus room” where they have primary responsibility for the most critically ill patients in the department. There is an emphasis on increased efficiency and autonomy.  Off-service months offer in-depth trauma and critical care experiences.

Rotation  Number of 4-week Blocks 
 Emergency Medicine*
 Pediatric Emergency Medicine
 Surgical ICU
 Pediatric ICU


The goal of the third year is for residents to function as Attendings within the ED. They continue to work “resus room” shifts to gain exposure to critically ill patients. During clinical shifts they see and treat their own patients but also assume a teaching role by taking patient presentations from PGY-1 residents.  Additionally residents respond to EMS base station calls from the FDNY pre-hospital ambulance system.  Many residents utilize the elective month for an international experience, research, or more focused clinic work in areas such as ultrasound, ophthalmology, or cardiology.

Rotation  Number of 4-week Blocks 
 Emergency Medicine*

* Each adult EM block is interspersed with 2-3 Peds EM shifts

** The trauma rotation is at Ryder Trauma Center in Miami, FL

*** The toxicology rotation is at the New York City Poison Control Center

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