Getting Ready for Surgery

Scheduling Surgery:

Once you and your doctor have decided on your surgery, you will meet with the OR Scheduler of the Breast Center. She will complete a procedure form with you and call to schedule the date and time of your surgery. An appointment for "pre-admission testing" will also be scheduled. If you also need to get medical clearance from a doctor, you will be notified at that time. You will be given a summary form to take home with you. The summary form lists the date and time of the surgery, the appointment time for pre-admission testing, where to go for pre-admission testing, any special instructions that you need, and a list of medications to avoid prior to the surgery. You will receive additional instructions for the day of the surgery at your pre-admission visit.


A consent form for the procedure will be signed at the hospital on the day of your procedure.

Pre-admission Testing:

Before surgery can be done, the physicians need to be sure there are no other health problems that could cause complications. During the pre-admission testing appointment you may have blood work, a chest x-ray, or other testing done.

A Guide to Managing Surgery - Download PDF (600k)

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