Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Assistance

NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens provides care to all without regard to financial condition or mode of payment. Our Discount Charity Care policy is available to anyone wishing to review the policy. We provide discounts to qualified individuals based on income which is in turn based on federal poverty levels for the year. If you qualify we can help you apply for low cost insurance.

To obtain an application or information concerning in-hospital services, contact financial aid coordinators at 718-670-1329.

If you need an application of information concerning ambulatory care services (hospital's community-based services), contact financial aid coordinators at 718-670-2824.

If you have already received a bill, contact our financial aid department at 866-252-0101.

Who is eligible for financial aid?

All residents of New York State are eligible for  financial aid and can receive care for emergent services. If you are a resident of New York City or Nassau County you can also receive financial aid for non-emergency services. The service must be medically necessary and you must meet income limits as presented on the attached schedule which is based on this year’s federal poverty levels. You can apply for financial aid regardless of your immigration status. If your income is above the limits on the attached schedule, you can apply for a payment plan which will be based on your income.  Financial Aid coordinators are also authorized to discuss and offer “settlement rates” based on cap fees on the schedule and your income and personal financial condition.

Help is available to explain and apply for the discounts as listed below.

For in-hopsital and ambulatory (walk-in/same day) surgery, call a financial aid coordinator at 718-670-1329.

For ambulatory care you can apply directly at the registration desk for the ambulatory site or call the ambulatory financial aid coordinator at 718-670-2824. If you have already received a bill call the financial aid department at 866-252-0101.  We have bi-lingual staff available to help you if you do not speak English. We also can access the language line should a bi-lingual employee be unavailable. Our staff can also advise you if you qualify for free or low cost insurance such as Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus.

How do I apply?

If you don’t qualify for such insurance, the NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens representative can help you apply for financial aid and give you the attached listing of what documentation you will need to bring for your interview.

What services are covered?

All medically necessary services that would be payable by the Medicare program and provided by NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens are covered by this financial aid policy. In-hospital, ambulatory and Emergency Room services are all covered.  Charges from private doctors who provide these services may NOT be covered by this policy. You should talk to private doctors to see if they provide discounts or payment plans.

How much do I have to pay?

The attached schedule lists what percentage of your bill you will have to pay and is based on federal poverty levels. If you are below 100% of the federal poverty level, emergency and out patient services for children and pregnant women is free depending on income. For adults, out patient fees begin at the state minimum fee which is $15.00. Our coordinators will advise you of what you are to pay after your application is received and processed.

How do I get financial aid?

You must complete the application form which is available in four languages, affirm and sign the application and submit with any documentation supporting the application such as recent pay stub. We then can process your application. You can apply for financial aid before services, at point of service, or at any time up to 90 days after receiving services. The address to mail the form is listed on the application or you may give same directly to the site registrar, or financial aid coordinator.

How will I know if I am approved for financial aid?

NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens will send you a letter within 30 days after receipt of your completed application telling you if you are approved and what level of discount you are entitled to. During this period while your application is being processed, you cannot be required to pay a hospital bill. If your application is denied, NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens must advise you of why (in writing) and tell you how and to whom you can appeal the decision.

What if I have a problem with the hospital?

You can call the New York State Department of Health complaint hotline at 1-800-804-5447.

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