Cynthia X. Pan, M.D., FACP, AGSF - Program Director

Key Geriatrics & Palliative Care Faculty

Interdisciplinary Faculty

Affiliated Faculty 

  • Daniel Byrns, M.D., NYHQ Geriatrics & Private Practice
  • Edward Chai, M.D., NYHQ Neurology
  • Joanna Kopacz, M.D., NYHQ and SCNR, Infectious Diseases
  • Siu-Ling Ma, M.D., NYHQ, Endocrinology
  • Julia David, M.D., SCNR Geriatrics
  • Robert Fleming, M.D., SCNR Pulmonologist
  • Mauricio Murillo, M.D., SCNR Psychiatrist & Private Practice
  • Jack Pasquale, NYHQ, SCNR Nutritionist and Private Practice
  • Sherban Pavlovici, M.D., Geriatrics, SCNR and Private Practice
  • David Snyder, SCNR Neurology & Private Practice
  • Lev Yagudayev, M.D., SCNR Geriatrics 


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