Hand and Upper Extremity Services

Phone: (718) 670-2558

The department’s hand and upper extremity surgeons provide care to the diverse needs of our community. One of the primary goals of the clinic is to identify and treat many traumatic and upper extremity injuries that are sustained from cuts, fractures, infections, burns, or , and most of these injuries are better managed under the expertise of our hand specialists. We provide specialty care for sprains, tendonitis, arthritis, and other overuse syndromes that involve the elbow, wrist, and hands.  We treat patients of all ages and are specialists qualified to diagnose and treat rare conditions such as tumors, cysts, or congenital deformities that are seen in newborns, toddlers, children, or young teens. Our clinic is staffed by the very best orthopedic physician assistants and orthopaedic surgical residents, who are some of the most highly sought-after medically trained graduates in the country.   

Days/times of the month services offered:
  • Every Tuesday morning of the month
Physician in attendance:
  • I. Daniel Roger, MD
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