CDL LabsNewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories delivers the power and technology of an advanced medical center lab system to practitioners in their offices and to the residents of continuing care facilities.

Turnaround times are short at NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories because we perform all lab services at one site.





Anatomic Pathology

The quality of any anatomical pathology service rests squarely upon the shoulders of the professional staff viewing the specimens. NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories' staff of seven, board-certified pathologists share sign-out responsibilities and also meet regularly to discuss interesting or difficult cases.

Anatomic Pathology Lab

Blood Bank

The Blood Bank is a full service unit with an extended donor program that collects over 1,500 units per year. It also boasts an outpatient transfusion service that regularly provides blood products to cancer patients, many with chronic gastrointestinal blood loss and elderly patients with chronic anemias. Through the Blood Bank's relationship with the New York Blood Center, help can be provided to patients with the rarest match problems.

CDL Labs: Blood Bank

Clinical Chemistry

NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Diagnostic Laboratories' clinical chemistry lab is home to the finest, high-technology equipment. Using machines like the Roche E170, staff are able to perform sophisticated endocrine, tumor marker and fertility tests along with the general chemistry tests. The technology also translates into quicker turnaround times on results.

CDL Labs: Clinical Chemistry


Hematology's latest Coulter devices are state-of-the-art. It speeds results and automates the quality control process. The technology incorporates automatic stain and slide prep, so that flagged abnormals can be quickly reviewed by staff. Automatic results verification is also built in to the system, giving all added confidence in test accuracy.

CDL Labs: Hematology


Since our histology section serves a major hospital, it brings to our outside clients a quality that few pure outpatient labs could boast. New automated stainers overseen by an experienced staff get your specimen to the pathologist's microscope quickly and reliably.

CDL Labs: Histology


New instrumentation in immunology has sped our processes with immunoelectrophoresis and common titers, and has allowed us to introduce new assays, including CD4 and CD8. In microbiology, it is the painstaking attention to detail shown by our staff that makes the difference. As in other departments, our microbiology staff are seasoned professionals with most having worked here for 20 years or more.

CDL Labs: Immunology









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