Patient Navigator

The patient navigator at Flushing Comprehensive Breast Surgical Services, Barbara, has the privilege of working with our patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer or who are at risk for breast cancer. As the Breast Center watchdog she makes sure our patients keep their biopsy, surgery and imaging appointments. Moreover, as her title suggests, the navigator helps breast cancer patients navigate all the complexities of the healthcare system, making this very difficult experience less stressful and less frightening.  The navigator helps patients with everything from financial concerns, questions about treatment to emotional support. She accompanies the patients throughout their journey: When they first find out the news, as they proceed through their treatment and cope with their diagnosis, and as they resume their normal routine and feel more like themselves again. The navigator works at establishing an ongoing relationship with the patients so that they know she is available to assist them well after they have completed their treatment, as well as when they are first diagnosed.

The navigator also refers patients to American Cancer Society support programs, support groups within the New York area, mastectomy boutiques and wig shops. Please see the resources page for more information on these services.

Please feel free to call Barbara, the patient navigator, at (718) 670-1006.

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