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The Emergency team strives to maintain a premier center in pediatric emergency medicine for the treatment of acute illness and injury in children through:

  • Provision of timely, courteous, and expert family-centered emergency care
  • Education relevant to the prevention and treatment of acute illness and injury
  • Advocacy for the health of children in the communities served


The scope of services provided in the Pediatric Emergency Department includes resuscitation and stabilization of critically ill and injured children, as well as the evaluation and treatment of all children seeking care on an unscheduled basis, especially at hours when their routine source of care is unavailable.

Each child who comes to the Emergency Department has access to a complete continuum of care. Professionals from various disciplines -- surgeons, radiologists, and social workers -- work together to fully assess and treat the child's needs.

The Facility: The Theresa Lang Children’s Emergency and Trauma Center

With one of the newest pediatric emergency rooms in Queens, NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens offers a separate and specialized emergency treatment area for babies, children and adolescents. 

The pediatric emergency unit is attached to, but separate from the Main Adult Emergency department located at the corner of Main Street and Booth Memorial Ave, in Flushing, Queens, and provides patients and ambulances with easy access and streamlined care in a state-of-the-art facility. It features a 4-bed trauma suite, 20 semi-private treatment areas, and convenient access to the Dental ER, Ophthalmology exam room, and radiology suite.

It is staffed 24 hours-a-day with board certified specialists in pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine. 
The pediatric emergency room boasts 13 acute treatment areas, two isolation rooms, and four fast track rooms for non-urgent patients, a two-bay resuscitation area and a private consultation room.  The décor eases the fears of sick or injured children with a comfortable, child-friendly design including child-sized furniture, books, toys, games and a TV/VCR. A child life specialist trained in methods to ease children's anxiety is on staff.

Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art, child-sized medical equipment and has access to Video and Game players. A portable multisensory cart (the Snozelen) is also available to soothe and distract patients, easing their anziety. The external and internal waiting area features video games, a fish tank, and a library with a variety of reading materials.

Highlights of the NYP/Queens Pediatric ED

Pediatric Emergency Specialists: The Pediatric ED at NYP/Queens is dedicated to treating the special needs of children with illnesses and injuries within a full-service hospital. The division includes 5 full-time board-certified pediatric emergency physicians, 2 pediatric nurse practitioners, several board-certified emergency medicine physicians, 1 General Pediatrician, 10 pediatric nurses, and assistance from emergency medicine residents and students of all levels. The staff evaluates patients with medical, surgical, or trauma-related problems ranging from minor illnesses to life-threatening diseases and accidents. The NYP/Queens Emergency Department is a NYC- and NYS-designated Level 1 Trauma Center. Of the approximately 35,000 children we see every year (90-110 every day), approximately 70% of these are urgent or emergent in nature. 

We are teachers. The faculty of the pediatric ED have academic appointments at Weill-Cornell School of Medicine, and teach medical students, interns, and resident physicians daily about how to diagnose and treat the range of pediatric illnesses and injury. We also host regular teaching conferences and lectures covering a range of topics. This ensures that the staff remains current with the latest advances in pediatric Emergency Medicine.

We address pain and anxiety. We have many ways to make children as comfortable as possible while being treated. These may include medications like LET gel, LMX cream, and nitrous oxide, distraction techniques, and sedation when indicated for severe pain. We are proud to be in the forefront in our community in the management of pain in children.

We encourage parental involvement. Parents are encouraged to help relieve a child's anxiety by staying with the child and taking an active role in their child's care whenever possible.

We use state of the art computer documentation for all ED records including computerized order entry, discharge and prescription writing. This makes it easy for the members of the pediatric ED staff to coordinate their care, easy for the hospital pharmacy to double-check medication orders, and easy to access past medical records and medications.

Faculty Physicians 

Kerianne Brady

Kerianne Brady, MD 

Attending Pediatric Emergency Physician 


Sergei Galustyan, MD 

Attending Pediatric Emergency Physician



Erica Waterman, MD 

Attending Pediatric Emergency Physician

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