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  • A small child is often the victim. Look for open bottles, poisonous smell on breath and symptoms like pain in throat or stomach, drowsiness, vomiting and unconsciousness.
  • Call the Poison Control Center (or 911).
  • Follow the exact directions of the Poison Control Control Center.
  • Keep the suspected poison and/or a sample of any vomit with you.
  • DO NOT give the victim anything by mouth unless directed to do so by the Poison Control Center


  • Get the victim to fresh air, preferably outdoors. Be careful not to breathe fumes yourself.
  • If the victim has a pulse but is not breathing begin rescue breathing.
  • If the victim is not breathing and has no pulse, begin CPR.
  • Call the Poison Control Center as soon as possible.
  • Take steps to prevent shock.

On Skin 

  • Gently wash the affected area thoroughly with water until ambulance arrives. Use a hose, shower or faucet for at least ten minutes to rinse away the poison while removing all contaminated clothing
  • Call 911 or seek medical aid.

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For a medical emergency, please call 911 and go to the nearest emergency room.
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