Pre-op Evaluation

The purpose of the patient's initial visit is to discuss the goals of surgery, together with its risks, limitations and long-term benefits. Though many prospective patients present to the doctor already in possession of a large amount of information, a detailed discussion is nonetheless pursued in order to banish any possible misconceptions about surgery as well as to determine if the patient is an appropriate candidate. Patients are encouraged to bring friends or relatives to this important first interview.  
Often before returning for their second visit with the surgeon, patients will arrange for their required nutritional and psychological evaluations. Since proper nutritional practices will be so critical to the maintenance of weight loss and of general health post-operatively, it is important that each patient come to know our nutrition staff and learn about the life-long behavioral changes that will be mandated by surgery.
Similarly, a visit to the psychiatrist or psychiatric social worker will help confirm the patient's overall fitness for surgery and will help patients to discover what support mechanisms will best assist them going forward.

Other evaluations will or may include:

  • A required general medical assessment
  • A possible sleep apnea evaluation for those with excessive snoring or daytime drowsiness
  • Visits to other specialists if diabetes, heart or lung disease are an issue
  • A gallbladder ultrasound for those with symptoms suggesting gallstones 
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