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rounding NICU At NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens, we take pride in providing a high level of care for all children.  Newborn infants are vulnerable and dependent; the birth of an infant can be exciting and anxiety-provoking at the same time.  If your baby is premature, has a serious illness or condition, or simply needs close observation in a monitored setting, you can feel comfortable that he or she will be get care by our dedicated, professional staff.  






The maternity service at NYP/Queens delivers over 4000 babies every year.  There are over 700 babies admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and over 3300 babies admitted to the newborn nursery each year.

We take care of the smallest, most vulnerable premature infants, with the most modern equipment available.  We have overnight accommodations in the NICU available for parents to stay privately with their baby prior to discharge - just to make sure that you will be ready when the day comes for you to take your baby home!

Clinical Care

The clinical team at NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens is committed to giving individualized attention to every baby, and spending time with the parents and caregivers each and every day.  A neonatologist supervises the care of every baby admitted to the NICU.  Our neonatologists are in the NICU 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are all board-certified, and trained at some of the most prestigious institutions around the country.  Our nurse practitioners and physician assistants have many years of experience and are dedicated solely to neonatal medicine.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

We use a multi-disciplinary team approach to ensure that we meet all the needs of our patients and families.  The team meets formally every week, and in addition to the doctors and physician extenders, includes the nurse manager, a feeding specialist, a social worker and patient case manager.  Additionally, speech pathologists assist parents and nurses daily with feeding techniques for all infants who need help with learning oral-motor skills; a pediatric nutritionist reviews all patients in the NICU; and lactation consultants are available every day to help breastfeeding mothers. 

After Discharge

All premature infants and high-risk infants are followed after discharge in a special clinic in the Theresa Lang Children’s Center. There will always be seen by one our specially trained neonatologists.  We also arrange outpatient hearing screening for those NICU graduates that need the test repeated, and coordinate testing when requested by the New York State metabolic screening program.

Center of Excellence in Queens

We know that Queens is an especially diverse area and we are committed to respecting the beliefs and cultural practices of everyone who walks through our door.  Whether you hail from Queens, another part of the city or state, or anywhere else around the country or around the globe, you and your baby will feel at ease with us.

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