Salary and Benefits

Annual Salary
Effective July 2016

PGY-1, $61,756.92                         

PGY-2, $63,942.78

PGY-3, $66,129.66

PGY-3/ (Chief), $69,407.94

PGY-4/ 1 st year Fellow, $67,768.80

PGY-4/ (Chief), $71,048.10

PGY-5/ 2nd year Fellow, $69,407.94

PGY-5/ (Chief), $72,687.24

PGY-6/ 3rd year Fellow, $71,048.10


Checks are issued bi-weekly and distributed through department offices.  Direct deposit is offered for immediate access to funds via electronic fund transfer.


A comprehensive insurance benefits program is provided to all members of the graduate staff and their families.  Health Care Connection is a flexible benefits program, which gives you the ability to select your own benefits from a choice of three plans.  Each of the plans offers a medical plan, which includes hospitalization, major medical and prescription drug coverage.  In addition, dental coverage, life insurance, short-term disability, disability and a health care spending account are provided.  However, there are some medical/dental plans that require an employee contribution.

Professional Liability

Professional Liability Coverage: The Hospital shall provide Graduate Staff Member (GSM) with adequate professional liability insurance that shall cover GSM while rendering professional services within the scope of his/her employment and appointment pursuant to this Agreement including after completion of the program(s) if the alleged acts or omissions of GSM are within the scope of his/her employment. Professional liability insurance for special rotations outside of the Hospital, including outside electives, is subject to the approval of the Program Director and the Graduate Medical Education ("GME") Office. In instances where the Program Director identifies such special rotations as being critical to the overall educational program, the Hospital may elect to extend professional liability coverage. Additional information regarding professional liability insurance coverage provided to GSM is available from the GME office upon request.


Vacation: Four weeks.

Sick: Five days.

Meal Allowance: Meal cards are provided to members of the graduate staff when on-call. 

On-Call Facilities: Newly renovated on-call rooms with showers are provided to graduate staff when on-call.

Uniforms: Uniforms are provided with laundry service.

Benefit Plans Overview 

BENEFITS OFFICE (718) 670-1334 or 1335.  

The following benefits are offered to eligible employees of NYP/Queens beginning with the first day of the month if it coincides with of hire, otherwise day of the month following employment.

spouse and unmarried dependent children to age 19 will be covered.  Unmarried dependent children will be covered to the age of if the dependent is a full-time student in an accredited program. 

Employees are offered the ability to choose a plan which will best meet their needs.  Our program is called Benefits Link.  Some medical/dental plans are provided at no cost.  However, there are some medical/dental plans, which will require an employee contribution.

Attached is an outline of the plans offered.  You will receive a personalized enrollment form along with a booklet that describes each of the plans in detail within two weeks of your date of hire.  You will have 45 days from your date of hire to make your selection via the Internet.   If you do not make a selection you will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna Open Access Core POS Plan – single coverage.

All qualified Housestaff, who are employees are covered.  Eligibility commences on the first day of benefits entitlement.  Elimination period is 180 days for which you will receive salary continuation.  Monthly disability benefit once collection starts 60% of monthly salary to a maximum monthly benefit of $15,000.

All qualified employees are covered. The face value of the policy is $100,000.                                                                                                                                                                      

All employees are covered absences and medical bills incurred due to a work-related illness or injury.  Coverage includes medical bills from date of injury or illness; wages will be reimbursed at the rate of 2/3rds of any employee's salary to a maximum of $400.00 per week. NYP/Queens pays the employee full wages for the first five absent working days in a calendar week.  This time is not deducted from an employee's sick time accrual.  It is the responsibility of the employee to report all accidents on an Employee Injury Report. 

The following benefits are available to all employees of NYP/Queens.  Additional  information may be obtained in the Human Resources Department.

For 2009 employees may shelter a maximum of $16,500  in a annuity plan. If you are age 50 or more, you can contribute additional amount of $5,000  in excess of the above limit.

This means that you may have your salary reduced by a set amount each pay period and deposited into the TDA plan.  You are not taxed on the money you have deducted from your check.  After FICA is deducted you will be taxed on the gross amount you have earned in that pay period less the annuity contribution.  As long as the money is on deposit with the TDA you will pay no taxes on the principal or the interest earned.  Please contact the Pension Specialist for withdrawal penalties and other rules or the carriers’ representatives. 
Aflac offers the following: Short term disability  insurance, Personal Lifestyle Protector Cancer Plan, Personal Accident plan. To find out the cost of these plans please refer to the enrollment materials.

Long term care (LTC) is personal care or supervision needed by persons of all ages for an extended period of time.  LTC can become necessary if you need assistance with some of the activities of daily livings, like eating or dressing. LTC insurance offers important coverage that is generally not available under your medical and long term disability benefits. It can help manage the expenses associated with a nursing home stay and home health care.

This coverage is available to eligible employees as well as eligible dependents. Please refer to the enrollment materials for further information. 
Employees may arrange to have money deducted from their paychecks and deposited with the Municipal Credit Union.  As a credit union you may take advantage of various loan programs, vacations and savings accounts, etc.

NOTE:  Representatives from the Municipal Credit Union and TDA carriers are available once a month, in front of the cafeteria, to assist you. Dates and time are posted at the Bulletin Board by the Cafeteria.

Discount Coupons are available in the Human Resources Department for all employees. 


  • Aetna Open Access - Core POS
  • Aetna Open Access - Buy Up 1         
  • Aetna Open Access - Buy Up 2  


  • PPO Standard plan
  • Premium plan 


Basic Life Insurance provided by the Medical Center 


Option to buy Life Insurance for eligible dependents 


Option to buy disability for eligible employees

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