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ShockSHOCK CAN BE LIFE THREATENING. Signals include cold sweat, weakness, irregular breathing, chills, pale or bluish lips and fingernails, rapid weak pulse and nausea.
  1. Send someone to call 911 or seek medical aid immediately.
  2. DO NOT give the victim food or drink.
  3. Lay the victim on his/her back, but do not move the victim if he/she has back or neck injuries. If the victim is unconscious, has severe injury to lower face or jaw, or vomits, lay the victim on his/her side and make sure he/she is getting air.
  4. Keep the victim warm, (not hot), using blankets or clothes.
  5. Raise the victim's feet or legs with a pillow unless it's painful or you suspect severe injuries.
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For a medical emergency, please call 911 and go to the nearest emergency room.
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