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Seizures are a disturbance in brain electrical activity. If the condition is recurrent, it is known as seizure disorder or epilepsy. Children and adults are both affected and according to the Epilepsy Foundation, 10 percent of the U.S. population will experience a seizure once in their lifetime. Three percent will develop seizure disorder or epilepsy by age 75. Approximately 83,000 people in New York City suffer from seizure disorder or epilepsy. More than one quarter of these patients reside in Queens.

Seizure disorder in children is usually caused by a condition that is present at birth. Severe head injury is the most common cause of epilepsy in young adults. In older individuals and the elderly, strokes, tumors, and degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s
disease are more common causes.

The goal of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at NYP/Queens is to help people with epilepsy to control their seizures and lead a better quality of life. Hind Kettani M.D., and Reza Zarnegar, D.O., lead the team. Both of these attending neurologists in the Department of Medicine are experts in the medical management of epilepsy and conduct research in new treatments for intractable or uncontrolled epilepsy.

The Center uses a team approach to patient care, with an expert panel of specialized physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists, specially trained nurses and skilled social workers. There is state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosis, monitoring and
treatment of the disorder, including video EEG monitoring.


  • Electrodiagnostic
    - 24 hour video EEG
    - invasive monitoring
    - cortical 
    mapping and or electro-corticography
  • Epilepsy surgery
  • Imaging (MRI, CT, other)
  • Pharmacologic expertise
  • Consulting services
  • Special techniques
    - Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)
    - Drug trials
    - Amytal testing

Where appropriate, surgical intervention is an option which helps specialists better understand a patient's seizures and will enable specialists to find and treat the area of the cerebral cortex responsible for causing epileptic seizures.

For more information about the Neuroscience Institute, call us at (718) 670-2903. 

For more information about our Epilepsy Support Group, please contact Margaret A. Kalar, N.P. at or call us at (718) 670-2639. 

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