The Oculoplastic Service

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgical treatment of the structures surrounding and supporting the eye is an important part of the Queens Eye Center.

Among the types of issues addressed are:

  • Eyelid lesions and tumors
  • Tearing disorders
  • Nasolacrimal problems
  • Thyroid-related eye disorder
  • Cosmetic eyelid problems

Minor procedures may be performed in the Eye Center treatment room and others in the ambulatory surgical facility at NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens.

About Oculoplastic Surgery

Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive, and Orbital Surgery, a field sometimes called "Oculoplastic Surgery" is devoted to the management of problems primarily related to the tissues around the eyes:

  • the eyelids
  • the tear ducts
  • the orbit (the bony socket surrounding the eye)

Oculoplastic surgeons are board certified ophthalmologists who have completed additional, highly specialized training in these areas. Because of the very highly focused nature of their field, ophthalmic plastic surgeons are uniquely qualified to evaluate and surgically manage the many conditions that affect the eyelids and orbits.

Reconstructive surgery of the eyelids may be necessary following trauma, burns, or the removal of skin cancer. Abnormal positioning or contour of the eyelids can also require surgical intervention to restore normal function or appearance. Conditions that involve orbital surgery include the correction of protruding or sunken eyes, the removal of orbital tumors, and the repair of orbital fractures. The removal of blind eyes and the reconstruction of the eye socket for those patients who wear an artificial eye are additional areas of specialization of the ophthalmic plastic surgeon.

Ophthalmic plastic surgeons are also highly proficient in esthetic surgery of the eyelids, the midface and the eyebrows ("forehead lift") due to their familiarity and extensive experience with eyelid surgery. Because of their background as ophthalmologists, they have extensive training in laser surgery and employ the most advanced esthetic laser techniques to remove excess eyelid skin and bags ("blepharoplasty").

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