Your Office Visit

What to bring to your office visit:

  • Insurance card(s), the office will make a copy to keep in your chart.
  • Referral if needed, you should check with your insurance carrier to see if you require a referral for a specialist visit
  • Contact information from the physician who referred you, including their name, address, and phone number. It may help to have a referral slip or business card with this information
  • Any films and reports from breast imaging studies * It is imperative that you bring the actual films with you for the doctor to review*
  • Co-payment which is due at the time of your office visit

What to expect when arriving at the Breast Center:

  • Parking is available on the street near the office or in the hospital parking lot for a fee.   If you are having a radiology procedure on that day you can park in the hospital lot for a reduced rate.

If it is your first time to the Breast Center:

You will come in the door on the first floor and check-in at the reception desk. Please let the receptionist know your name, the time of your appointment, and which doctor you are scheduled to see. The receptionist will ask you to fill out a new patient information form and give you a copy of our privacy policy. She will make a copy of your insurance cards and also take your films and reports to prepare your chart for the doctor. Your wait time will usually be less than 15 minutes. You will meet with the doctor for a consultation during which she will review your medical history as well as review and explain your films if you have any. The doctor will then perform a physical exam. After the exam you will meet again in the doctor's office to discuss a follow-up plan (a follow-up appointment, additional tests, biopsy, etc...) If additional appointments are needed for radiology exams, surgery, or follow-up visits to the Breast Center, the office staff will make them for you.

If you have been to the Breast Center before:

Please check-in at the front desk, notify the receptionist of any changes in your insurance, address, or phone number, and give the receptionist any films or reports that you have brought with you.

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