Your Rights as a Hospital Patient

We recognize and respect the human, civil, constitutional and statutory rights of every patient. The hospital supports your right to make decisions regarding your care, including the decision to stop treatment, to the extent permitted by law. All patients at our hospital receive a copy of Your Rights as a Hospital Patient in New York State guide. The guide for more information on:

  • Your Rights
  • Special Needs
  • Concerns/Complaints
  • Questions About Your Bill
  • Access to Medical Records
  • Information on Medicare
  • Health Care Proxy 
  • Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders
  • Maternity Information
  • Domestic Violence Information

Confidentiality and Privacy

As a patient, you have a right to privacy and confidentiality.  It is the duty of all hospital employees and staff to keep private medical information that identifies you.

  • While in the hospital, you have the right to request to be removed from the hospital list of current patients. This prevents the general public from knowing that you are a patient with us.
  • The hospital does have the right to disclose your medical information for treatment, payment, as required by law, and in other limited situations.
  • For concerns regarding your privacy rights, contact our Privacy Officer at 718-670-2101.

Advance Directives

With advance directives, such as a health care proxy or living will, you can make sure you get the care you want at a time when your medical condition does not allow you to make decisions.

  • For assistance with advance directives speak to your health care team or request the assistance of a Patient Advocate at extension 718-670-1110.

Ethical Issues

Our hospital has an Ethics Committee that reviews your questions (or those of your family) on sensitive issues that include end of life care, conflicts in decision-making and cultural differences.

  • If you have a concern or conflict, please tell a member of your hospital care team, or contact an Ethics Committee member directly by dialing “0” on your in-room telephone and asking an operator to connect you.
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