The Cancer Center

The Cancer Center at NYP/Queens provides a comprehensive program of cancer services in a comfortable environment that is close to home for Queens residents. As a result, more Queens patients choose our center than any other cancer program in the metropolitan area.

Meet the Director: David A. Fishman, M.D.

Just the thought of having cancer can be a frightening and confusing prospect - but every day, there is more good news. Some cancers once considered deadly can now be cured, and we are making steady progress in our ability to fight the others.

At NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens...

  • We are continuously refining treatments based upon new information from research.
  • We are combining various modes of treatment in new and powerful ways.
  • We are making major advances in tailoring treatment plans to the needs of the individual.

The Cancer Center's greatest strength is in its people, whose expert qualifications have made it the regional leader in cancer care. The center's physicians do more than provide treatment. They have a deep commitment to education and research that allows them to employ the latest advancements in treatment.

  • Our physicians were trained at the nation's major academic centers.
  • They are board-certified.
  • They teach on the faculties of prestigious medical schools.
  • They participate in national research protocols.
  • They are active in their professional associations, in leadership positions at local, state and national levels.

Approved by the Commission on Cancer

The Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons recently reissued its stamp of approval with eight commendations to The Cancer Center at NYP/Queens. NYP/Queens is one of only three Commission on Cancer-approved programs in Queens County.

The approvals program, established by the American College of Surgeons in 1932, sets the highest standards for cancer programs and reviews the programs every three years to make sure they conform to those standards.

The Commission on Cancer (COC) has approved The Cancer Center at NYP/Queens since 1987. Of the several levels of approval available from the Commission on Cancer, NYP/Queens received the highest level of approval by meeting all 36 standards of excellence. The report states the reasons for commendation, including: "impressive improvements implemented each year" and “very active community outreach program."

According to recent cancer care statistics, 80 percent of cancer patients in the nation seek their care at cancer centers approved by the Commission on Cancer. Of the 5,500 cancer programs in the country, only one-fourth are granted approval by the Commission on Cancer.

Cancer Center Patient Navigation Program

Whether an individual faces a possible cancer diagnosis, or has been diagnosed with cancer, it is very stressful. Beyond questions and concerns about the disease, questions may arise such as “what do I do next?,” “how am I going to get to my appointment?,” and “how am I going to pay for this?”

The good news is NYP/Queens offers a free service — via the Cancer Center Patient Navigation Program — to answer these questions, and provide solutions and guidance to our patients during their cancer care experience.

Patient Support Groups

Look Good Feel Better
The "Look Good Feel Better" group for breast cancer patients sponsored by the American Cancer Society meets every other month in the Arnold Center for Radiation Oncology.

Learn About Your Cancer Risk Assessment 

Cancer genetics can also identify the unique properties of a person’s cancer and help decide the best treatment options for that individual -- the cornerstone of personalized medicine. This understanding of a patient’s unique properties and the personalized care that follows should lead to better outcomes and survival. Click here

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