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What is audiology?

Audiology is the clinical evaluation and management of hearing and balance problems in people of all ages. It also involves the fitting and management of hearing aids and other hearing assistive devices.

The specialist who practices audiology is called an audiologist.

Signs that may indicate the need to see an audiologist for a hearing evaluation:

  • Problems hearing over the telephone
  • Trouble following conversations when two or more people speak at once
  • Trouble following conversations in a setting with a noisy background
  • Confusion about where sounds are located
  • Having to ask people to repeat themselves
  • Problems hearing or understanding speech of children or women
  • Most people seem to mumble or not speak clearly
  • Problems with misunderstanding others and making inappropriate responses
  • Others notice that television volume is high
  • Missing sounds of telephone or doorbell ringing
  • Avoiding activities because of problems with hearing and understanding speech

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