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Taking Care of Your Breast Pump and Collection Kit

It is important to maintain the breast pump and pieces used for milk collection in good working order:

  • Read the instruction manual and follow the recommendations for cleaning pump equipment.
  • The pieces that "collect" the milk come apart for individual cleaning.
  • If using an electric pump with collection kit, the pump itself and any tubing portion of the kit should remain dry or they will not work appropriately. (These pieces of equipment do not come in contact with milk that is to be stored for the baby.)
  • After each use, rinse all parts that come in contact with the breast or milk in cool water first. (A cool rinse removes residual milk without coagulating hard-to-clean protein.) Then, thoroughly clean these same parts in hot, soapy water. Rinse in hot water, and air dry between each use.
  • Most manufacturers recommend a boiling rinse of all parts that come in contact with the breast or milk once a day. (Check the instruction manual.)
  • Check the instruction manual to learn whether a dishwasher set to a certain water temperature is considered appropriate for cleaning the collection pieces that come in contact with the breast or the milk.

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