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Dad's corner

If you've been debating about going back to work or staying at home after your baby is born, you might consider something a little different--a stay-at-home dad! Today, more and more families are finding that it's financially better for mom to keep her job, or that dad's work is flexible enough to be done from home. Many families find this is a way to avoid using full-time day care.

But when men give up the traditional role of working outside the home, it will mean some adjustments. Some men may find it challenging to take the lead role in household responsibilities such as housecleaning and cooking. They may also feel pressure and criticism from others about their choices. And, women may find they have some guilt feelings about not "being there."

However, there may also be some rewards when dad stays home with the kids. Some studies indicate that there is a more equal balance of parenting. And studies have found that a stronger bond develops between the at-home dad and his child than is true for traditional dads who work outside the home.

The decision to forego working outside the home will take some adjustments, but might be a viable option for your family. Organizations that offer support to stay-at-home dads can be found in the Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter Reading Corner.

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