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Selecting your wardrobe

Most women are ready to begin wearing maternity clothes by this stage of pregnancy. But what do you really need to buy for these last few months? Start with the basics, your undergarments.

You will need at least two supportive bras to help reduce the stretching of breast tissues that could result in sagging. Look for wide, cushioned, shoulder straps and choose breathable fabrics. Avoid underwire styles as these can put pressure on the breast tissue. Most maternity bras double as nursing bras, with openings for breastfeeding. Be sure to choose a size that fits well now, and recognize that you may have to buy a different size later on.

Maternity panties come in a variety of styles. Choose what is comfortable and look for panties with a cotton crotch.

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Dress with comfort in mind:

  • Buy it only if it is comfortable and you like it.
  • Dresses are often cooler in the heat of the summer than pants.
  • Maternity stores aren't the only source for over-sized clothing. Try plus-size stores, as well as your husband's closet! Borrow from friends, or look in second-hand stores.
  • Limit what you buy to what you really need. If you wear professional-style clothing to work, consider mix and match basics rather than several expensive suits.
  • Wear comfortable shoes--you may need to buy a size or two larger. Look for low-heeled shoes that support your foot and have plenty of room in the toes.

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