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Preschool Play

What can I do to help promote play in my child?

Picture of a father teaching his daughter to ride a bike

While all children are different and may enjoy different toys and interactions, the following are suggestions for activities and toys for the preschooler:

  • Needs space in which to run and explore
  • Enjoys simple sports and other activities

What you can do as a parent:

  • Read to your child
  • Take trips to the park, beach, and other places
  • Encourage play with other children
  • Regulate your child's television watching

Toys for the preschooler:

  • Slides
  • Seesaws
  • Toys that can be ridden
  • Small, supervised pool
  • Wagons and wheelbarrows
  • Skates
  • Dolls
  • Playhouses
  • Trucks, cars, and airplanes
  • Clothes in which to play dress-up
  • Doctor and nurse play equipment
  • Nails, hammer, and saw
  • Play makeup and shaving supplies
  • Books
  • Puzzles
  • Toys that play music
  • Art supplies

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