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Pregnancy Weeks 25-32 - Page 7

Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter
Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter - Healthy Habits

Stay with your plan

Good nutrition is as important in this part of pregnancy as it was in earlier months. Certain nutrients in your diet are essential for both you and your growing baby.

Getting enough calcium will help prevent you from losing your own bone density as your baby uses calcium for bone growth. Iron helps build the oxygen-carrying ability of blood that circulates through you and your unborn baby. Folic acid also plays an important role in the production of normal red blood cells and in the health of the placenta. So, keep taking your daily vitamin supplement. While it isn't a substitute for a healthy diet, a supplement can help fill in the gaps on days when your diet is less than perfect. Sticking with healthy meals and snacks can give you more energy, too.

Don't panic about seeing the pounds begin to add up. Weight gain in the second trimester is due mostly to increases in tissue, blood volume, and fat stores, and growth of your uterus and breasts. This is important to prepare your body for birth and breastfeeding.

Foods high in special nutrients
Folic acid
(in the form of folate can be obtained by eating natural sources)


Ice cream
Ice milk
Frozen yogurt
Cottage cheese
Hard cheeses (cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, parmesan)
Sardines (with bones)
Calcium-fortified juices and breads
Green, leafy vegetables
Most berries
Dried beans and peas
Citrus fruits
Fortified breakfast cereals
Lean meat, fish, poultry, and seafood
Prunes or prune juice
Greens (turnip mustard, collard)
Bran cereal
Whole grain breads
Dried beans and peas


Exercise with care

If you have been active, you can continue to exercise as long as your health care provider tells you it is safe. Walking, swimming, riding a stationary bicycle, and prenatal aerobics are all excellent exercise choices for a pregnant woman. You should avoid exercises that require you to lie on your back, and those with jumpy, erratic movements. While it's good to stay active, you also need to listen to your body. With your body changing and your unborn baby growing so much, your body may be telling you to slow down a bit. Treat yourself to a few rest periods throughout the day, and enjoy the extra energy they can provide.

The more you know . . .
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