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Chiller Replacement Project

  • NYHQ's central chiller plant consisted of three 1,100 ton gas fired absorption chillers.  In the spring of 2011, NYHQ replaced one of the existing units with a 1,200 ton electric centrifugal chiller.  The project was partially funded through NYSERDA and is contributing to a reduction in overall energy consumption and green house gas emissions. 



Daylight Optimization & Lighting Controls 

  • NYHQ implemented controls to turn off lights when they are not needed in commercial buildings.   

Building Maintenance System Controls 

  • NYHQ uses computerized controls to reduce energy consumption on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment.    

Retro-Commissioning Air Handling Unit #3

  • There are complexities of improving performance and driving energy savings in an older building. Addressing this included refurbishing existing building infrastructure and equipment to improve operational performance and reduce energy consumption.     

Combined Heat & Power Feasibility Study

  • Also known as cogeneration, CHP involves the generation of power at your building's site for use within your buildings.  By using a clean source of power, consuming the power on site, and capturing the waste heat for use inside your building, CHP is environmentally friendly.  NYHQ's has investigated a potential CHP project at our site.  
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