Goals And Objectives


  • To provide meaningful education to residents around cultural competency, social determinants of health and communication

  • To create an institutional environment that promotes optimal resident education around cultural competency and communication


  • To continue to provide and expand regular conference opportunities to residents in all departments including orientation/ noon/organized conferences and grand rounds

  • To continue to provide creative programming to foster cross-disciplinary discussion and opportunities for residents to gain skills and knowledge around cultural competency in new ways that respect adult learning theory (build on celebration series, alternative therapies, implement book club)

  • To offer enhanced opportunities for residents to participate in community based learning opportunities building on pediatric model and working with ambulatory rotation in medicine

  • To implement website to serve as a resident education portal and key resource on cultural competency

  • To create an advisory board with cross disciplinary participation that informs and is informed about program development

  • To embed the issue of cultural competency into resident QA projects

  • To build upon and expand the co-precepting model implemented in the medicine department including tracking all residents, explore opportunities in other settings, develop tracking system to measure impact of intervention

  • To continue to engage the Queens community in educational opportunities (community advisory)

  • To offer residents project work around cultural competency and communications that add to their “portfolio”

  • To work strategically with clinics and resident settings in conjunction with other organizational efforts to “transform” setting to be more culturally competent

  • To work extensively with chief residents and faculty to imbed key elements of cultural competency training in daily interactions with residents

  • To review this plan with research team and engage in a research/assessment plan

  • To expand e-learning system with a focus on cultural competency

  • Develop overall program goals and objectives based on all of the ACGME competencies



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