Resident Leave of Absence


Effective Date: 10/7/05   
Review/Revised:  10/20/05    

Number:         9200-216 

1.1 Residents are entitled to four (4) weeks vacation and five (5) sick days per
            academic year.  Vacation and sick banks are “front loaded” at the beginning
            of each academic year.


2.1 Paid Time Off Banks are front loaded at the beginning of each academic year:
   Vacation -  4 weeks
   Sick    -    5 days
            Banks will be replenished each academic year.  Paid Time Off banks may not
            be carried over to the next academic year.

2.2 Vacations must be scheduled in advance with the Program Director. Changes to previously scheduled vacation time must be submitted to Program Director
for approval at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled time off.

2.3 In the event of illness that results in absence, the resident must report his/her
absence to the Program Director and the Chief Resident.
2.4 Requests for unpaid leaves of absence must be approved by the Program Director
who will consider the applicable ACGME Special Requirements. The Program Director will determine the need for additional training time to comply with their respective accrediting board requirements.

2.5 Residents will be eligible for Family Medical Leave under Human Resource
Policy #9237-416.


Anthony Somogyi, M.D.
Director of Medical Education

Revised and Approved by GMEC: 10/21/2005

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