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Diabetes Management

To successfully manage diabetes and reduce the risk of serious complications, patients must be fully educated about their condition and committed to a lifetime of daily treatment. Your doctor will develop a customized treatment plan for you based on your individual condition. We proudly offer our patients comprehensive diabetes care, including:

  • Diabetes Care & Information Center – Queens Diabetes & Endocrinology, P.C. has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education*. Certified nutritionists and nurses help patients understand the cause of the disease and how to best take care of themselves.
  • Insulin pump therapy – a device that delivers a continuous flow of insulin to the body as needed, eliminating the need for injections. We can instruct patients on how to use this state of the art device to manage their diabetes.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring – a tiny sensor placed under the skin to monitor blood sugar levels every 5 minutes and send the data to an associated wireless device. It helps attain better blood sugar control.
  • Instant hemoglobin A1c results – reflects the average blood sugar level over a three month period. The results become available at the time of the visit and help determine whether additional treatment is necessary.
  • Neuropathy testing (nerve conduction velocity) – NCV test can determine whether there is presence of nerve damage from diabetes or other causes.
  • Screening for diabetes complications – we can test patients for the presence of autonomic neuropathy which can include nerve damage to the heart and lead to silent heart attacks.
  • Clinical diabetes research trials – we offer patients the latest treatment options for diabetes through clinical research trials performed safely in our office. For further information, please call Mari Tsovian or Maria Patruno at 718.661.2536.

Comprehensive management of diabetes also includes treating hypertension and high cholesterol to reduce the risk for heart attacks and stroke. We remain actively involved in the treatment of our diabetes patients on an ongoing basis to ensure the most advanced and effective treatment is being administered for their individual condition. To learn more about our diabetes management services, please call us today to schedule an appointment.

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