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Demographics of Acute Coronary Syndrome at New York Hospital Queens

Demographics of Acute Coronary Syndrome at New York Hospital Queens

Stephen Serynek, M.D., Dipan Desai, M.D., Ola Akinboboye, M.D.
New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens

Background:  Many cardiovascular clinical studies both retrospective and prospective include a large percentage of Caucasian patients with an under representation of Asians and Hispanics.  At New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens (NYHQ), we have a diverse patient population with prevalence of Asians and Hispanic patients.  With our unique patient distribution, we sought to study the risk factors, treatment, and outcomes of these patient groups with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and compare them to matched Caucasian and African American patients at our hospital. We are collecting data regarding all patients admitted to NYHQ with ACS and establishing a database for further study.

Results:   We began collecting data in January 2009. In our database of seventy-six patients admitted for acute coronary syndrome, the average age was 66 ± 14 years old and 38 male (50%).  In terms of racial distribution, 28(37%)were Caucasian, 19(25%) were Hispanic, 16(21%) were Asian, and 13(17%) were African American. Twenty-one (27%) had a diagnosis of CAD with 11(14%) having previous percutaneous coronary intervention and 9 (11%) CABG. Prior to hospitalization, 41(54%) patients had hypertension, 20(26%) had diabetes, 27(35%) had dyslipidemia, and 15(20%)were current smokers. During the index hospitalization, 13(17%) patients underwent percutaneous coronary intervention. 

Conclusion:  Our ACS database can provide valuable information manifestations of the acute coronary syndrome in different ethnic groups.

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