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Low Cholesterol Diet

The diet goals are:

  • Decrease total dietary fat, especially saturated and trans fat, also know as hydrogenated fat
  • Decrease dietary cholesterol
  • Limit sodium intake
  • Increase intake of fiber
  • Drink water through out the day
  • Decrease calories, if needed, to reach a healthy body weight



Meat, Poultry, fish to CHOOSE

  Meats to AVOID

Lean meats, trim away excess fat

Serving size is about a deck of cards

Broil or grill

Remove skin

Egg whites

Fin fish, such as tuna, salmon, flounder, swordfish


Corned beef, ham, bacon, luncheon meats (except low fat), ribs, sausage, hotdog, processed poultry products

Deep fried fish or poultry


Dairy products to CHOOSE

Dairy products to AVOID

Cottage cheese, mozzarella, ricotta and Swiss

Skim milk

Yogurt from skim or non-fat milk

Creamers: only those containing polyunsaturated oils

Cream cheese, processed cheese, cheddar cheese, cheese spread

Whole milk

2% milk

Milkshakes, eggnog, coconut milk, chocolate milk

Whipped cream, sour cream, heavy, half &half cream

Fruit and vegetable to CHOOSE

Fruit and vegetable to AVOID

Veggies: fresh, frozen (plain)

Fruit: Fresh, unsweetened canned, frozen packed in water

Cream vegetable, fried vegetable

Sauces on veggies

Fruit: canned or frozen packed in syrup, coconut, sweeten dried fruits

Fats to CHOOSE

Fats to AVOID

 Sunflower, safflower, corn, soybean, sesame oil, canola, olive, peanut oil

Salad dressing: Olive oil and balsamic

Butter, lard, beef tallow, salt pork, bacon drippings, ham hock, animal fat, shortening, cocoa butter, coconut, coconut oil, palm and palm kernel oil, hydrogenated fat

Hardened stick margarine

Soups and Sauces to CHOOSE

Soups and Sauces to AVOID

Free-free broth, bouillon, cream soups and sauces made with non-fat milk


Soup made with whole milk or cream, broth containing fat,  gravy and sauces made with butter, animal fat and whole milk

Desserts to CHOOSE

Desserts to AVOID

Homemade baked goods made with unsaturated oils, skim milk and egg substitute or egg whites

Angel food cake, ginger snaps, fruit ice, sorbet, sherbet, low fat puddings

Made with whole milk, cream, butter, chocolate and egg-yolk.

Prepared cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, pastries, ice cream, frozen cream,

Cereals, Grains to CHOOSE

Cereals and Grains to AVOID

Oat cereals, dry and cooked, Rice puffs, unsweetened plain cereals like Kix, Cheerios , Rice Chex, Corn Chex


Pasta & Rice: Noodles, spaghetti, macaroni, brown rice, wild rice




Baked Goods: Whole grain breads and rolls, low fat muffins, pancakes, waffles






Coconut containing cereals, instant hot cereals, granola




Prepared with whole egg, cream and cheese sauces. Canned or boxed noodle and macaroni dishes.


Butter and cheese rolls and breads, croutons, commercial biscuits, pastries, sweet rolls, donuts, croissants

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