Patient-Centered Care

We seek to provide resources, tools and education to ensure patient centered care.

At the core of patient centered care is the commitment to understanding the patient perspective, ensuring that all opportunities to respect and meet the needs and desires of patients are maximized.  Meeting this commitment results in high quality care, better outcomes and enhanced satisfaction.

It requires communication, competency, coordination of care, continuous care and collaboration with the community.

Care that is truly patient-centered considers patients’ cultural traditions, their personal preferences and values, their family situations, and their lifestyles. It makes the patient and their loved ones an integral part of the care team who collaborate with health care professionals in making clinical decisions. Patient-centered care puts responsibility for important aspects of self-care and monitoring in patients’ hands — along with the tools and support they need to carry out that responsibility. Patient-centered care ensures that transitions between providers, departments, and health care settings are respectful, coordinated, and efficient. When care is patient centered, unneeded and unwanted services can be reduced.

Advancing patient-centered care is clearly a multi-faceted challenge, and many organizations have achieved remarkable results. IHI, with the support of the Rx Foundation and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is working to identify best practices and promising system changes that enable patient-centered care in three areas:

  • Involving patients and families in the design of care
  • Reliably meeting patient’s needs and preferences
  • Informed shared decision-making
    • In thinking through building a patient centered medical home all aspects of the practice and care must be considered

    • For a powerful look at healthcare from the perspective of a patient with Limited English Proficiency view this BRIEF VIDEO CLIP.

    • The process of quality and practice improvement is a great building block for patient centered care, please contact us to initiate a project, or for consultation.



The following links include fairly comprehensive information on local resources and services compiled by the Queens Borough President's Office:

Local Resources

Local Resources and services are listed below by category:

Alcoholism Services

Disability Task Force

Children's Services

Homeless Services

Hospitals in Queens

Human Services

Mental Health & Mental Retardation

Senior Services

Violence (Domestic/Sexual)

Youth Services







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