Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

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Meet The Staff

What is The PICU?
The Pediatric Intensive care unit is a modern high acuity unit specially designed to care for our sickest patients.  The five bed unit is composed of all private rooms surrounding a central nursing/monitoring station.  The PICU allows for intensive nursing care and closer monitoring of certain parameters, such as heart rate, breathing and blood pressure, than are available on a general hospital floor.  The PICU also allows medical staff to provide more intensive therapies not available in other parts of the hospital such as ventilators, or breathing machines, and certain medications that can be given only under close medical supervision. 

Who comes to the PICU?
Patients cared for in the PICU include those with Status asthmaticus, respiratory failure, meningitis, sepsis, diabetic ketoacidosis, post-surgical needs, status epilepticus and any patient who may require special or more intensive monitoring… just to name a few.

Who cares for the PICU patients?
Once your child is transferred or admitted to the PICU, their care is transitioned to the PICU team.  A dedicated PICU staff of Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses and ancillary staff are available 24hrs a day to care for these special patients.  The ICU team also works closely with Sub-specialty services including pediatric cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, surgery, and infectious disease.   All of the PICU patient’s care is overseen and coordinated by a board certified pediatric intensivist  around the clock.  Respiratory therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, also social workers also play integral roles in caring for these patients.

During your PICU stay:

Admission to an intensive care unit can be a very anxious time for both children and their families.   Special services to make each child and family’s stay more comfortable during this difficult time include complimentary telephone and television services and space allotted for a parent to stay with the child at all times. 


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