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Epilepsy Specialist joins New York Hospital Queens Medical Staff to Treat those Suffering from Uncontrolled Epilepsy



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Flushing, N.Y., November 19, 2010– Hind Kettani, M.D., has joined New York Hospital Queens (NYHQ) as an attending neurologist in the Department of Medicine. She is an expert in the medical management of epilepsy, a disease that affects at least one percent of the population in New York City, including 23,000 people in Queens alone.

According to Edward Chai, M.D. director, Division of Neurology, “ Dr. Kettani is a valuable addition to NYHQ’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. Besides her clinical skills, she is also doing important research in new treatments for intractable or uncontrolled epilepsy which we hope will one day help the thousands of Queens residents whose lives it so profoundly impacts.”

According to the Epilepsy Foundation of Metropolitan New York three out of every four sufferers find that medications or other treatment options can control their seizures. However, one patient out of every four tries everything available to alleviate seizures, but finds no relief.

“Intractable epilepsy is the focus of my research,” Dr. Kettani said. “But, there are too  many people with ‘standard epilepsy’ in Queens who remain undiagnosed or have not been diagnosed properly.  The goal of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at NYHQ is to help all people with epilepsy to control their seizures and lead a better quality of life.”

Dr. Kettani achieved her medical degree from the University Hassan II in Casablanca in Morocco. She then spent a year in Paris, France studying pain management before coming to the United States to complete her medical training. She did her internship in internal medicine at Nassau University Medical Center-North Shore Long Island Jewish and her residency in neurology at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in New York City. She then completed a fellowship in epilepsy at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, before coming to NYHQ.


About Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disturbance in brain electrical activity that often results in chronic seizures. According to the Epilepsy Foundation ten percent of the population living in the United States will experience a seizure in their lifetime and three percent will develop epilepsy by age 75.  It affects both children and adults. Although there are several known causes of the disorder, 50 percent of the time no cause can be found.

In children, epilepsy is usually caused by a defect in the structure of their brain, a head injury or  an infection.  A severe head injury is the most common known cause of epilepsy in young adults. In middle age, strokes, tumors, and injuries are the usual causes of epilepsy in this population. And in people over 65, stroke is the most common known cause, followed by degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at NYHQ uses a team approach to care for an individual with epilepsy. The center includes the combined expertise of neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, specially trained nurses, electroencephalography technicians and skilled social workers. The center uses state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of the disorder.

New York Hospital Queens is a member of the NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System and an affiliate of the Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

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