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NYHQ First Hospital to Meet Mayor Bloomberg’s Challenge to Reduce Carbon Emissions by 30 Percent


Allison Fleming

NYHQ First Hospital to Meet Mayor Bloomberg’s Challenge
           to Reduce Carbon Emissions by 30 Percent

Flushing, N.Y., April 24, 2013 — New York Hospital Queens (NYHQ) celebrated Earth Day by hosting a fair that showcased the hospital’s green initiatives that benefit the community, patients and the bottom line. These green initiatives helped NYHQ meet Mayor Bloomberg’s challenge to area hospitals, universities and businesses to reduce overall carbon emissions by 30 percent over ten years. Last week, the Mayor announced that NYHQ is the first participating hospital to meet and exceed his challenge by reducing emissions by 31 percent in only two years.

“Our goal is to reduce the hospital’s environmental impact and support the health and well-being of our patients and our community,” said Kevin Mannle, associate vice president, Facilities Management, NYHQ. “Participating in the Mayor’s challenge encouraged the hospital to accelerate our green program and we are proud to have met this challenge. NYHQ is continuously committed to sustaining the environment through expanding our green initiatives.”

Several initiatives featured at the Earth Day Fair helped NYHQ meet the Mayor’s challenge and save the hospital approximately $2.5 million each year:
•  Replaced a gas fired absorption chiller with a high efficiency electric chiller
•  Replaced a large oil-burning boiler plant with a new boiler plant that burns natural gas
•  Retro-commissioned a 30-year-old air handling unit which now uses 25 percent less energy while supplying more air
•  Computerized controls to reduce energy consumption from heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment
•  Implemented controls to turn off lights in commercial buildings when not being utilized
•  Built all new construction to higher efficiency standards
• Launched an internal education campaign to encourage more energy efficient practices

NYHQ also implemented a recycling program. Now,
•  Regulated medical waste accounts for less than 5 percent of all waste
•  More than 17 percent of all waste is recycled
•  More than 21 percent of hospital waste is diverted from traditional municipal waste streams
•  A bio digester, an organic waste decomposition system, processes 400 lbs. of food waste per day (about 4% of the hospital’s total waste stream)

One of the latest projects underway is the installation of more than 20,000 square feet of modular green roof on the hospital's main campus. In partnership with Manhattan College, this project was created to decrease the amount of storm water and sewer overflow into adjacent waterways. To learn more about NYHQ’s green initiatives, visit www.nyhq.org/gogreen.

New York Hospital Queens is a member of the NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System and is affiliated with Weill Medical College of Cornell University. For more information on New York Hospital Queens, visit www.nyhq.org.

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NYHQ is an Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense partner and promotes water conservation throughout the hospital’s facilities. The West Building of NYHQ is fitted with low flow water fixtures to help conservation efforts.

Kevin Mannle, associate vice president, Facilities Management, NYHQ, (center) explains the benefits of a green roof installation.

Each year, the hospital vendors attend the NYHQ Earth Day Fair to educate employees and visitors on being green.

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