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Our Mission:

To provide a venue for the education and credentialing of resident physicians, house staff physician mentors, medical students, nurses and medical support personnel in the evaluation and initial resuscitation of the injured and critically ill patient.

About the Patient Simulation Center 

The surgery, medicine, emergency medicine and graduate medical education departments at NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens created the Simulation Lab in 2007. Since then, new technology and educational programs have been added to create a fully computerized Patient Simulation Center (Sim Lab). The NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Sim Lab is designed to help improve patient care and reduce medical errors. The Sim Lab is on the cutting edge of teaching technology and specializes in individualized and team management training.

The Patient Simulation Center has become an educational leader in the New York City area by teaching medical skills and critical thinking assessment to medical professionals and all allied health care operations employees. The Patient Simulation Center plays a major role in the teaching of medical students, residents, fellows, nurses, and EMS staff at NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens.

About Simulation

Mannequins help save lives. Our physicians, nurses and other medical personnel use them to improve their techniques and teamwork in simulated hospital scenarios. The simulation center replicates a multidisciplinary hospital setting to give health care professionals and trainees a real-world environment in which to learn, practice and master the latest techniques for patient care. High-fidelity life-sized robotic “patients” (Sim G3, Sim Man, SimBaby, Sim NewB) mimic ailments and symptoms. The mannequins breathe, move their eyes, speak and have a variable pulse and heart rate. They react to doses of medication, injections, intravenous therapy and can even go into respiratory or cardiac arrest.

Medical simulation training is modeled after military and commercial airline safety simulation. This type of training enhances education and allows for repetitive skills practice with zero chance of patient injury.

The many benefits of simulation are outlined in the Institute of Medicine's "To Err is Human" report published in 2000. Since then, patient simulation programs have been growing around the country. There are numerous national events that are designed for the advancement of Patient Simulation programs.

The Patient Simulation Center Can Help Your Organization

As a pioneer in the growing field of simulation education in health care, NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens would like to offer your organization the opportunity to participate in a demonstration of simulation education in action. NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens can offer your organization the ability to reduce adverse medical events and foster team building skills. The simulation center provides a unique opportunity to experience full adult, pediatric and neonate simulation exercises.

The NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens Patient Simulation Center has cutting edge technology including state-of-the-art interactive video recorded simulation. This is the opportunity to expose your house staff, educators, or organization to leading simulation technology.  When the Sim Lab door closes, the simulation becomes reality. Your team members and your facility are a step closer to becoming industry leaders by enhancing medical care through advanced medical simulation education.


The Patient Simulation Center supports research studies from clinical departments at NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens. The center contributes to the publication of academic papers, conference presentations and book chapters.  The center produces published research on the following topics:

  • Role of simulation in medical education curriculum development
  • Nursing essentials
  • Change in clinical pathways (new medications, new protocols)
  • Team training education
  • Validating testing and evaluation tools for health care professionals
  • Development of new or innovated simulation technology


Lillian Cerroni
Program Assistant

Simulation Sub-Committee

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